Physics at Division of Liberal Arts

This page is home page of physics group of Numazu College of Technology.

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Physics is one of the most fundamental subjects in science and technology.
The purpose of the physics group at Numazu College of Technology is to serve young people who
wish to be enrolled in fields of engineers and natural sciences in near future with an introductory course
of fundamental physics.
Staffs of the physics group are, not only involved in educational programs, but also actively performing
their own researches.
The latest progresses in various fields are frequently presented to students in order to stimulate and
encourage their interests in the subject.

Those who are interested in physics and related subjects are always welcome to visit our room.

Syllabus of Physics and Applied Physics (J) is Here

Staffs of physics group:

Teaching Staff
Tomoo Katsuyama
Kohsuke Sumiyoshi
Katsuhiko Suzuki
Technical Official
Hiroyo Masuda (J)

Other staffs

Kohji Taruishi

Yukihiro Tanba

Atsushi Hosaka

Hideko Torihata-Monden

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